Vita Institute |

Our Approach

At Vita Institute, we believe more is NOT always better. This is why we use the most precise formulations. We do not believe in adding unnecessary herbs to our products.

As capsules can only physically contain a certain amount of herbs, the more herbs you add, the smaller the concentration of each herb. This means the more herbs in a product, the more pills you have to take to get the therapeutic dose. Do you really want to take 15 capsules per day? We didn’t think so.



Our Promise

Vita Institute strives to ensure that our clients know the details about our products. Dietary supplements are not intended for everyone. 

Unlike the other leading supplements, our Medical Doctor and Nurse Practitioner provide all the up to date information for each of our products’ ingredients so you can be informed!






Our Products

Vita Institute is committed to client safety. This is why our products are only manufactured in Natural Products Association certified facilities that comply with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our products are tested for microbes and contain child resistant caps.  Bottles from each batch are saved and later tested to ensure potency.