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Our Approach

Vita Institute is the only leading dietary supplement retailer that has medical doctors formulating women's health supplements! You may be surprised to know that nearly all other herbal supplements are not made by medical professionals let alone doctors!

Not only can you trust that the finest ingredients and most precise formulations are being used, but you can also buy our products without a prescription or a doctor's appointment!





Our Products

Vita Institute is committed to client safety. This is why our products are only manufactured in Natural Products Association certified facilities that comply with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA. We only use all-natural and non-GMO ingredients and capsules.

Each and every one of our products have been tested for microbes and heavy metals. Also, bottles from each batch are saved and later tested to ensure potency. In addition to the rigorous testing, each bottle contains a child resistant cap to ensure child safety.




Our Promise

Also, at Vita Institute, we believe more is NOT always better. This is why we our medical doctor's use the most specific formulations. We do not believe in adding unnecessary herbs to our products. As capsules can only physically contain a certain amount of herbs, the more herbs you add, the smaller the concentration of each herb. This means the more herbs in a product, the more pills you have to take to get the therapeutic dose.

We promise you will love our dietary supplements! That is why we have a 100% guarantee on every purchase. It is easy. No questions asked. Simply return unused portion within 30 days and receive a full refund of product price!







Caffeine is an alkaloid found in multiple different leaves, nuts, seeds and berries. We primarily source the caffeine from coffee beans. Our dose of caffeine is generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration and is significantly less than that of a regular cup of coffee (<10%). We have added it to our supplement to give that little extra boost of sexual excitation.

As 90% of North American adults consume caffeine regularly, it is generally well tolerated. Avoid if you are especially sensitive to caffeine.

  • Do not take if pregnant.

Native to the Americas, damiana is a small shrub with sweet spicy aromatic flowers and leaves.  Damiana tea has long been thought of as having a strong aphrodisiac effect.  In fact, damiana usage has been shown to improve sexual excitation and performance in lab rats.

  • Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Use with caution if diabetic.
  • Avoid taking with diabetic medication.
  • Stop taking at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery as it can affect blood glucose levels.



A biennial plant found natively in the high altitudes of Peru, Maca is often known as a female aphrodisiac. We use the root portion to work synergistically with our other ingredients, specifically chasteberry. Aside from the multiple medical issues it is used to manage in humans, Maca is used to treat fertility problems in livestock. It has been suggested to help manage the sexual side effects of people taking some anti-depressants.

  • Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding, have endometriosis or uterine fibroids, or a hormone sensitive cancer.



A fragrant and butterfly-attracting tree found on many continents, its fruit and seeds have been dubbed “the women’s herb” because of the effects on female hormones. In our supplement, the chasteberry dose is such that increases progesterone. This has a direct effect on a woman’s sex drive.

  • Do not take if pregnant or if taking a dopamine agonist/antagonist.




An amino acid, which are the building blocks of proteins.  L-arginine is frequently used for heart and coronary conditions, erectile dysfunction, and inflammatory disorders.  In our supplement, this amino acid works with the nitric oxide system and promotes blood flow to the clitoris.

  • Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Use with caution if you have asthma, severe allergies, herpes, recent heart attack, low blood pressure, kidney disease,  guanidinoacetate methyltransferase deficiency, or if taking blood pressure medications or Viagra
  • Do not take for at least two weeks before surgery.



A very interesting and slow growing tree that appears to be unchanged from its fossils meaning it has survived major extinction events.  Ginkgo has been used for years in many different health disorders from vertigo to memory loss and asthma to depression.  In our supplement, ginkgo acts on the nitric oxide treatment similarly to ginseng. It is also thought to help reverse the sexual side effects of many antidepressants including SSRIs.

  • Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a bleeding disorder, or seizure disorder.
  • Use with caution if you are diabetic, have allergic reactions to poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, mango, or cashew
  • Do not take with Coumadin or any other “blood thinner”, antiepileptic, or diabetic mediation.


A perennial plant grown primarily in North America and Asia, ginseng is frequently used in dietary supplements, tea, cosmetics, hair products, and even coffee. In our supplement, ginseng acts on the nitric oxide system, which enhances blood flow to the clitoris which obviously leads to more sexual excitement.

  • Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a bleeding disorder or estrogen sensitive cancer. 
  • Use with caution if you have a heart condition, a previous organ transplant, or are taking an anti-depressant
  • Do not take with Coumadin or any other “blood thinner”, Lasix, insulin, MAOI’s diabetic meds, immunosuppressants.